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“A Road to Future Success” Poster Analysis

A Road to Future Success
A Road to Future Success

The poster, “A Road to Future Success”, was made to advertise a free educational program for adults, was created by the WPA Federal Art Project in Ohio 1938. The main goal under Roosevelt’s presidency was to create jobs to increase cash flow to help reboot the crashed economy following the Great Depression. The WPA was the administration that was given responsibility to resolve the occupation question and results were quickly noticeable as they didn’t only create more jobs but also addressed many other issues. Their main strategy was advocating for job safety and encouraging people through work through the creation of many construction jobs. However, they didn’t limit themselves to construction jobs. The goal of this poster was to encourage adults to attend these courses that will train them in more skillful jobs – specifically white-collar jobs working in offices. This would create a more diverse working community and also more money into the economy.

The poster uses minimal color with only black blue and mostly white and has a simple design, highlighting the path to the building. This path signifies the path to success – represented by a tall office building with white windows (white-collar jobs hah!). Moreover, the building has a step design, signifying the multiple steps towards success. As for the writing, the words “SUCCESS*LEARNING” and “FREE” are emphasized, showing the main message and appealing to the audience. The poster states that classes are  “Federal” explaining how they could afford to fund it and have the sessions for free. Additionally, any cost that could’ve been involved in funding it could possibly be covered by the potential future workers attending them. There are also “many courses, many places, informal teaching”, to further appeal to the population to eliminate fear of going back to a formal institution and to give more options.

The poster is really well thought out to appeal to the whole community, offering a tempting opportunity for many to enter the white-collar industries and have a good income. This does a good job of expressing the WPA’s goal of encouraging people to work and there ultimate goal of stabilizing the economy.

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