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First Source Evaluation: The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda

"The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda"
“The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda”

My first source evaluation is the book The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda by author Fawaz A. Gerges. This book offers all there is to know about the creation and the development as well as downfall of the infamous Muslim extremists group, Al-Qaeda.

The first chapter of the book as well as the introduction provides information on the beginning of Al-Qaeda as well as offer connections “parallel between the dominant view of the Soviet Union during the Cold War and the present-day view of al-Qaeda. It then explains that the approach United States has is simply replacing the “evil empire” of communist Russia with the “notion of Islamic terrorism”. This contributes towards my goal of finding a connection between the Cold War and Al-Qaeda, offering a valuable connection that is then explored more within the book.

Despite the book not offering information regarding United States’ connection in funding the Al-Qaeda as I’ve previously been able to research, it guided towards a different approach to my research paper. I’m now looking to find other connections, perhaps discussing in depth America’s Cold War approach to the issue of terrorism in the Middle East. This book however is too general and only links it to the Cold War in several passages. It is an excellent place to start and develop my thesis


Gerges, Fawaz A. The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda. OUP.

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  1. JPT JPT

    A little overly general in treatment of the source and fails to really offer what you took from it, besides a sense that it was off. 44/50

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